Frequently Asked Questions - Wallü

Can Wallü access my funds?

Wallü can't access your funds and will not ask you to sign any transfer. MyWallü is an analysis tool which gives you insights for VeChain addresses.

How can I disable mail alerts?

Just sign into My Wallü and remove/disable all email feeds that you set up. Alternatively, every email (eg X-node auction alerts) contains an unsubscribing link.

Is Wallü safe to use?

Yes, Wallü is secure to use and developed with a focus on security. Forgot to log-out? Wallü will auto-logout your session after 2 hours!

Should I use the same mnemonic phrase from the official mobile wallet on Sync or Comet?

For best security practices when using third party (d)apps, please create a new wallet for Sync or Comet. Treat it like a small extra spending account. Also, it is possible to create a new wallet under Comet and use the same mnemonic phrase under Sync.

Is my email address private?

Yes! Email alerts are optional and Wallü/VeChain Stats will never share or sell any personal data to 3rd parties. For more security, your email address is displayed obfuscated in your email alert overview.

How can I utilize my X-node to subscribe for more alerts or observe more wallets?

The official VeChain mobile wallet will support VeChain apps soon. Please be patient until then.

You can use Wallü until this point with the VeChain Sync software wallet or the Comet wallet. Just add THE address of your X-node into the observed wallets to have full insights.

Will more statistics and insights be added?

Yes! And if you have any suggestions don't hesitate and send us a message to [email protected].